Discovering Colors Animals - First2018:01

Discovering Colors Animals - First20

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Discovering Colors: Animals is the 160th episode of First20 by Stephen.


  • “My favorite part of this is whenever you finish it and they dance a little bit.” - Stephen 2017
  • "All of these pieces are for sale, just print it out and then just mail me money." - Stephen 2017



Stephen's drawing of a beaver/chipmunk near the end of the First 20.

  • Stephen was sick when he played this game.
  • His playing of the game resulted in the creation of a fantastic drawing of a beaver/chipmunk.
    • He described it as "stomping around in a pool of blood and orange soda is spraying out of its butt".
  • NoContextGeorg on Twitter created a Twitter Moments album which featured drawings from the game accompanied by quotes from the video.

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