Dilation Sucks (Day 370 - 11 29 10)03:34

Dilation Sucks (Day 370 - 11 29 10)

Dilation Sucks (Day 370 - 11/29/10)
Date: November 29th, 2010
Running Time: 3:34

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  • Stephen's Parents' House
  • Costco
  • Stephen's Parents' Car
  • Shoe Store


Stephen has a new haircut...except his vision is starting to look poor...Time for an eye exam featuring a visit to Costco, trying on sunglasses, getting said eye exam, and two things that suck: Dilation, and that machine that blows air into your eyes. Also, shopping for extra pair of shoes.


  • During the eye exam, Stephen was told that he could use the same contacts he had or use new ones that last longer. His vision also slightly changed from -550 to -575.


  • Stephen: "!"
    • Stephen: "They probably could have given me like some sunglasses or something. That would've been pretty helpful, but, they didn't so... I'll survive without 'em."
  • Stephen: "These shoes are pretty much specifically made for Easter. If you wear them one day out in the air, and you look like an idiot doing it."

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