Dieitbedas (Day 562 - 6 9 11)13:02

Dieitbedas (Day 562 - 6 9 11)

Dieitbedas (Day 562 - 6/9/11)
Date: June 9th, 2011
Running Time: 13:01

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  • Mallory's Car
  • Parkin's Restaurant - Appleton, Wisconsin
  • Dawn's House - Appleton, Wisconsin
  • The Melting Pot - Appleton, Wisconsin


One interesting day today! Lunch with artist extraordinaire William Hessian and looking at bunnies and masterpieces are on the menu today. Oh yeah, also Karley time and a ladies' night dinner at the Melting Pot! Let the hilarity commence!



The collaboration piece of Stephen & Willaim Hessian.

  • William was a loyal viewer of StephenVlog since it's beginning, and was featured twice on Days 135 and 470. He also sent some more art for StephenMail 44. His website can be found here, and his YouTube channel can be found here.
  • The last time we saw Karley was on Day 399, but the last time we saw Stephanie was on Day 397.


  • Karley: "When I got diabetes! I had a terrible day when I got diabetes!"
    • Mal(reading spelling): "Dieitbedas!"

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