Did You Bring A Cart In? • 4.2406:56

Did You Bring A Cart In? • 4.24.17

Did You Bring A Cart In? • 4.24.17
Date: April 24th, 2017
Running Time: 6:55

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  • Aldi
  • Stephen's car
  • Stephen and Mallory's house


Stephen and Mallory stopped by Aldi for the first time, after sending out Mallory's "Rolling" and "Fire Pesh". The way Aldi works is interesting because you have to bring in a cart or buy a bag, otherwise you have to bring your own bag or carry everything you buy by yourself. But otherwise, everything there is pretty cheap.

One of the things they bought at Aldi was a shepherd's hook to hang up their bird feeder, and Mal makes sure to install it when they get home. It's much closer to the window than it was previously, so the cats will have a better view!

Some time later, it's dinner time and Mallory's video for "Onett Jazz" is pretty much done. However, Stephen makes the decision to release it on Saturday instead, so that Mallory has more time to work on her next painting. Sometimes one has to know when to pull back and take it easy.

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