Did Microsoft Flight Sim Help? (Day 1709 - 7 30 14)11:53

Did Microsoft Flight Sim Help? (Day 1709 - 7 30 14)

Did Microsoft Flight Sim Help? (Day 1709 - 7/30/14)
Date: July 30th, 2014
Running Time: 11:53

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  • Lynchburg, VA
    • Liberty University - Freedom Aviation Jet Center
    • Liberty University - Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre
    • Austin's house


Austin takes Stephen and Mal out to Liberty University's nearby airport, where he teaches aviation, and shows off some of the planes. They stop by the Snowflex Centre, which is a year-round area for skiing and snowboarding.

Afterwards, they play Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, a very Dungeons and Dragons-esque game, for about twelve hours.

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