Deux • 3.509:59

Deux • 3.5.17

Deux • 3.5.17
Date: March 5th, 2017
Running Time: 9:58

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Pokemon stream art

Stephen's and Mal's paintings


  • Alex and Hayley's apartment
  • Alex's car
  • Dk's Donuts & Bakery



Alex's Zapnair named "Montgomery"

It's best friends art stream part 2... or deux, as Alex says. While the girls start streaming first, the boys go pick up some beautiful donuts for breakfast.

Following that is a montage of clips from the art stream, where Mal, Hayley and Alex takes turns to create watercolor Pokémon fusions, while Stephen draws his rendition of an Alolan Raichu named "Robert". It also features Mal painting an Oddsey (Oddish + Chansey), Alex's painting of "Montgomery" a Zapnair (Zapdos + Dragonair) and Hayley's painting of Maginine (Magikarp + Arcanine).


Hayley's Maginine

After the stream, Stephen films all of the art they created on the stream. Alex and Stephen then discuss the brilliance and mystery surrounding Robert, while Hayley talks about how the glitter watercolor paint they bought is still tacky.

They end the day with takeaway Indian food, which is the promised Super Bowl meal that Stephen won the bet for. Afterwards, Stephen discusses how the food was, and he and Hayley talk about how good the donuts they got were. They also talk about how the art stream went, and Stephen adds briefly that they are going to karaoke the next day.



Robert is a "NewRaichuMon" who will take you to hell on skates, baby - Stephen, March 5th 2017

  • "Robert is Satan. He's a roller-skating Raichu that'll ride you to hell, baby! Skatin' Satan." - Stephen
    • "I was trying to decide what was missing and then it occurred to me... it was the pitchfork." - Stephen
  • "I did the touchdown!" - Stephen (about the Super Bowl)
  • "Aaaah, ooh!" - Alex
    • "Oh lord, think Alex is burning himself in the shower." - Hayley


  • The art stream was streamed on Hayley's Twitch channel, TheKubliest. The full archived stream can be found here.
    • Most of their paintings were watercolor Pokémon fusions, which they made using this website.
    • This art stream featured CheeseCam, or them eating various cheeses from Lane (dpstatic) on camera. They received the cheeses on Day 2655.
  • This is the second Best Friends art stream! The first was done on Day 2593, with just Mal and Hayley creating art of Super Mario 3D World in acrylic and watercolor respectively. The full archived stream can be found here.

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