Desperate Escape is Stephen's 44th Let's Play, the 3rd Let's Play for Resident Evil 5, and the 22nd cooperative Let's Play with his wife Mallory. This is the second DLC Let's Play for Resident Evil 5, directly following the Let's Play for the first Resident Evil 5 DLC that they LPed, Lost in Nightmares.

Desperate Escape debuted on October 22th, 2014, and concluded on October 29th, 2014 with a total of three episodes.

The final arc of the Stephen & Mal: Resident Evil 5 Let's Play series is a mini-game entitled The Mercenaries, which would debut on StephenPlays four days after the end of Desperate Escape.


Stephen & Mal Desperate Escape 1 - "Elbow Drop!"21:37

Stephen & Mal Desperate Escape 1 - "Elbow Drop!"

Thumbnail for the first episode of Stephen & Mal: Desperate Escape.


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