Designing Personae (Day 828 - 3 1 12)07:42

Designing Personae (Day 828 - 3 1 12)

Designing Personae (Day 828 - 3/1/12)
Date: March 1st, 2012
Running Time: 7:42

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  • Stephen's apartment


Stephen receives a letter from Jess, who sends drawings of Mallory's and Stephen's personae, from Persona. Stephen says that he has taken care of uploading the Let's Plays, but the Vlog days might be delayed.


  • Stephen initially uploaded this as Designing Personae (Day 828 - 2/30/12).


  • Stephen: "What's funny is that in order to open the letter, like, I have to open it along the thing and it tears all the little animal heads in half. Oh, bye, bye, kitty. Oh, double kitty murder. Oh, there goes a puppy."

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