Denny Walling? (Day 321 - 10 11 10)-006:25

Denny Walling? (Day 321 - 10 11 10)-0

Denny Walling? (Day 321 - 10/11/10)
Date: October 11, 2010
Running Time: 6:25

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  • Stephen's dorm


The vlog starts off with Stephen showing off an envelope that he just received in the mail. He jokingly states that since there's no return address on it, this means that it is a bomb. The envelope contains a deck of Unown (Pokémon) cards, with the message "These Cards Suck Worse Than... um... Oh! A Weak animal... 1962 was a long Time Ago! >:I." Included with the Unown cards is a "Bearded Pikachu" and a signed Magikarp card. After reading the included letter, Alex noisily attempts to take a container of butter out of the refrigerator. He also says that Stephen cannot put the Magikarp card in the Denny Walling row, since, as the name implies, it is reserved specifically for Denny Walling cards. Afterwards, Stephen, Dan, and Alex have a debate on what one of the Unown card illustration looks like. Alex then says that he will buy a "Flip VD" and start vlogging using his new concept, "microvlogging," in which each daily vlog can be no longer than three seconds long. He jokes with Stephen saying that he will be much more successful than Stephen, as he will earn a Youtube partnership before Stephen, and will have six million subscribers to boot. Stephen then ends the vlog by reminding his viewers that they can send in letters and cards, especially, as Alex emphasizes, Denny Walling cards.



  • Stephen: "Hello boys and girls, men and adults, and children and women--"
    • Dan: "And babies."
    • Stephen: "And babies and women... and children and adults. And men and boys and girls and guys. And cars."
  • Alex: "What kind of cards do you need the most?"
    • Stephen: "...Denny Walling?"
    • Alex: "That's right. Denny Walling."

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