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Deer Handstand (Day 1460 - 11 23 13)06:12

Deer Handstand (Day 1460 - 11 23 13)

Deer Handstand (Day 1460 - 11/23/13)
Date: November 23rd, 2013
Running Time: 6:12



  • Five Guys
  • A mall
  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


Stephen and Mal are going to eat at Five Guys.  This is a brave move for Mal, since she has gotten sick every time she has gone there (possibly because everything there touches peanuts, which Mal is allergic to). Fortunately Mal doesn't get sick!  They spend some time recording Donkey Kong Country 3.  Stephen shows their new purchases from Player's Choice: Mario Party 4 & 6 (GCN), Snowboard Kids 2 (N64), and The Wizard of Oz (SNES).  For game night, they play some CS:GO.

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