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Decapitated Fried Fish (Day 1521 - 1 23 14)06:18

Decapitated Fried Fish (Day 1521 - 1 23 14)

Decapitated Fried Fish (Day 1521 - 1/23/14)
Date: January 23rd 2014
Running Time: 6:18



  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


Stephen tells the story of what happened earlier that day when he and Mal went out for dinner with his parents. It started when he ordered catfish and had to get bone in instead of fillet and how he just couldn't finish eating it which is why he's eating fried shrimp throughout the course of the video.


  • Stephen: "A story about discovering yourself as a person  and things that you are capable and incapable of."
  • Stephen: "When it was put in front of me my first though was 'oh God.'"

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