Day Zero (Day - 11 24 09)04:53

Day Zero (Day - 11 24 09)

Day Zero (Day 0 - 11/24/09)
Date: November 24th, 2009
Running Time: 4:52

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  • Stephen's House


Stephen introduces the vlog. He calls it Day Zero since the vlog wouldn't technically start until the next day. He used this day as an introduction to who he is and what people might expect when they watched the vlogs. He also talks briefly about other projects he has worked on.


  • This is one of the only vlog days shot on the Canon HV20. (Vlog days 0-6 were shot using this camera).
  • As this is the first vlog, this one naturally marks the first appearance of Stephen. It also marks the first appearances of Stephen's parents, Rocko, and Mallory, though they are not featured on video until later on (Stephen's parents - Day 2, Rocko - Day 6, Mallory - Day 28), instead being shown only on photo.


  • Stephen: "Hello. My name is Stephen Georg and this is incredibly awkward."
  • Stephen: "...I'm not going to commit to an entire year. I'm not going to commit to anything."

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