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Daily Pack (Day 570 - 6 17 11)13:54

Daily Pack (Day 570 - 6 17 11)

Daily Pack (Day 570 6/17/11)
June 17th, 2011
Running Time 13:54



  • Myrtle Beach
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Stephen's Parents' House


Stephen and Mallory start off their day by going down to the beach where they plan on getting married. They do some planning for the wedding then go down to the beach since Mal hasn't seen it in awhile. Afterwards, they go to Buffalo Wild Wings to meet Jarrett for lunch.

Once back at home Stephen talks about his new daily channel, Daily Pack where he plans to open a pack of any trading card game (mostly Magic: The Gathering) every day. Stephen then talks about pricing items that they are going to sell at the yard sell that they will have tomorrow.

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