Dad Plays Grand Theft Auto (Day 381 - 12 10 10)06:11

Dad Plays Grand Theft Auto (Day 381 - 12 10 10)

Dad Plays Grand Theft Auto (Day 381 - 12/10/10)
Date; December 10th, 2010
Running Time: 6:11

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  • Stephen's parents' house


Stephen gets his father to play Grand Theft Auto IV and hilarity ensues. It seems that his biggest issue is getting used to the control sticks. Stephen talks a bit about his parents' experiences with video games. Debra used to play Killer Instinct with Stephen and was surprisingly good at it. Steve played Donkey Kong Country a bit when Stephen was younger, and now plays Wii Sports bowling nearly every day. He asks the audience to write about their parents' gaming experiences.

Also, Stephen succumbs to his temptation to eating a cookie that he showed a few days beforehand.

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