DS Toilet Earthbound (Day 90 - 2 22 10)04:01

DS Toilet Earthbound (Day 90 - 2 22 10)

DS Toilet Earthbound (Day 90 - 2/22/10)
February 22nd, 2010
Running time: 4:01

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  • The dorm at SCAD


The Vlog starts with Stephen about to say how today was, but before he can start talking about it, a train goes past Stephen's dorm, making a loud noise and causing him to stop talking. Dan then quickly asks if Stephen has showed the train on the Vlog before, Stephen says no and decides to show it.

Today was a recovery day for Stephen because he has had an ear infection for the past few days. He didn't have class today and on Wednesday. Stephen then says that he got up at 3:30 PM and decided to make some pancakes, he thought one of the pancakes he made looked like "a messed up Mr. Saturn".

After Stephen had the pancakes he says that the swelling in his ear has gone away and that only a few days ago his ear was swollen shut, and that it was really herd to hear.

The next section cuts to Dan cooking pancakes and saying "Pancakes They always make 'em good!" (this is the thumbnail of the video).

Stephen then asks the viewers what they think of the stubble that he left on his chin after shaving. He then talked about the no shaving thing he did on Ninten Speaks.

Dan is having trouble with his table for the fourth time today, and Stephen suggests for him to put in a maintenance request because if the table collapsed all of the things on his desk would break.

For dinner the gang is having hash browns and Stephen says that ranch is the best topping ever.

Stephen tells us that he was playing EarthBound in the bathroom on his DS. He was in the bathroom because the antibiotics were troubling his stomach.

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