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DOTA 2 (Day 1397 - 9 21 13)05:53

DOTA 2 (Day 1397 - 9 21 13)

DOTA 2 (Day 1397 - 9/21/13)
Date: September 21st, 2013
Running Time: 5:53



  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


The day starts out with a toaster strudel breakfast, which is effectively nothing but sugar.  Stephen tries to get the mail, but he can't physically turn the lock to open his mailbox.  He and Mal spend the day cleaning out the fridge and the litterbox.  For game night, Stephen and his friends are going to try playing DOTA 2.  In short, it was not well-received, so they ended up playing League of Legends instead.

Notes Edit

  • Stephen talked about League of Legends on Day 1277.

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