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Déjà Vu - First2024:47

Déjà Vu - First20

Déjà Vu Date: February 28th 2014 Running Time: 24:47


Stephen shows off a cool point and click game he used to play as a kid to Mallory who had never played a real point and click adventure game before. Stephen narrates for her and instructs her as she explores the game.


  • "You don't need the toilet paper, take the gun." ~ Stephen
  • "It's a piece of your favorite chewing gum" ~Stephen
    • "How do I know It's my favorite?" ~Mal
      • "It's your favorite Mal! The amnesia wasn't that strong you can remember that much." ~ Stephen
  • "They're flesh colored bracelets everyone in the 40s wore them!" ~ Stephen

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