Creepy Mall (Day 882 - 4 24 12)17:25

Creepy Mall (Day 882 - 4 24 12)

Creepy Mall (Day 882 - 4/24/12)
Date: April 24th, 2012
Running Time: 17:25

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  • Stephen's apartment
  • Stephen's car
  • Richland Mall
  • T.G.I. Friday's


Stephen starts the day off very cold, because he replaced a valve so that he can have fast cooling instead of fast heat, and the temperature only goes up two degrees in five hours. Stephen and Mallory go to Richland Mall so Mallory can hang up some of her art there, but the mall is nearly empty and up for lease.

Andrew sends a letter saying that Stephen inspired him to create his own Let's Plays and mentions that he shares his name with Stephen's middle name. He also sends Bulbasaur, Ninetales, and Starmie Pokémon cards. Franky sends a coupon for El Pollo Loco in his letter and says that he loves Emile. TastuAce asks for advice for an aspiring Let's Player, and Stephen tells him to just keep working at it and not give up. TatsuAce also sends an Arcanine card. Stephen says that he will take down all the drawings from the board because it is running out of space.


  • Stephen says "double soup and salad lunch madness" is for Alex because Alex used to make fun of Stephen calling any time he received multiple letters or packages madness.
  • Stephen's initials are S.A.G., or G.A.S. backwards.
  • Four days after this vlog was released, the video about the Pokémon update was uploaded: Contribute to the Pokémon Let's Play!.
  • When Stephen mentions that the 500th video will be coming out for StephenPlays and says that "that's a lot of content", he is referencing Day 738.

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