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Cracked (Day 1534 - 2 5 14)07:52

Cracked (Day 1534 - 2 5 14)

Cracked (Day 1534 - 2/5/14)
Date: February 5th, 2014
Running Time: 7:52



  • Stephen's parents' house


The vlog starts off with some Food Network-esque close-up shots of delicious food cooked by Debra. Stephen shows off some of his childhood possessions, including some video game-related magazines. He highlights an issue of Cracked from January 1997 that he picked up at a Rite Aid pharmacy. The issue contains a lot of video game jokes and comics that Stephen got a kick out of when he was younger. He also finds some Nintendo Power merchandise, including a GoldenEye 007 info packet.

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