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Cost Me a Dollar To Poop (Day 1299 - 6 15 13)14:55

Cost Me a Dollar To Poop (Day 1299 - 6 15 13)

Cost Me a Dollar To Poop (Day 1299 - 6/15/13)
Date: June 15th, 2013
Running Time: 14:55



  • Daytona Beach, Florida
    • Daytona Flea Market
    • Thomas' apartment
    • Daily Grind Burgers
    • A florist
    • La Fiesta
  • Jacksonville, Florida
    • Dan's apartment


Stephen, Mal, and Dan drive down to Daytona Beach to visit Thomas!  They meet up at Daytona flea market, where they find several shenanigans and video games.  Stephen says that he had to pay a bathroom attendant (hence the title of the vlog).  They go to Thomas' apartment, then head out to lunch at Daily Grind Burgers.  Stephen and Mal pick up plants as housewarming gifts for Dan and Thomas.  They visit a few more game stores, then go back to Thomas' apartment.  Stephen shows off a comic book for A Link to the Past that Thomas purchased at Wal-Mart a while ago.

For dinner, the group heads to La Fiesta.  Thomas goes back home, and the other three go back to Dan's home.  Stephen shows off their video game haul and breaks down the amount they saved, according to

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