Content Creators and Negativity (Day 2016 - 6 2 15)07:37

Content Creators and Negativity (Day 2016 - 6 2 15)

Content Creators and Negativity (Day 2016 - 6/2/15)
Date: June 2nd, 2015
Running Time: 7:37

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  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


Today, Stephen talks about negativity in the YouTube community, particularly about the relationship between commenters and content creators. Stephen's viewers are, on the whole, incredibly supportive, so it's jarring for him to receive non-constructive criticism. Over the years, he's gotten better at dealing with negative comments by weighing them against other positive or more constructive comments. He's also taken the time to incorporate some suggestions from constructive criticisms into his videos.

The point is this: content creators take criticisms to heart. Stephen asks that viewers carefully consider what they write, since comments can affect people more than they might think.

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