Conquering The World As Hitler (Day 74 - 2 6 10)-005:07

Conquering The World As Hitler (Day 74 - 2 6 10)-0

Conquering The World As Hitler (Day 74 - 2/6/10)
Date: February 6th, 2010
Running Time: 5:07

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People Edit

Locations Edit

  • Stephen's car
  • A movie theater and it's parking lot
  • Dairy Queen
  • The dorm at SCAD

Summary Edit

Stephen, Dan, and Nick go to see The Tooth Fairy for an assignment of Stephen's, and they run into Ian and Krista on the way out. Alex and Taylor meet up with the group at Dairy Queen, Stephen plays a little Magic Online, and Stephen and his roommates start a game of Axis and Allies before putting it away when they realized how long it was going to take to finish. Stephen registers for classes, he learns that Mallory taught her friend Stephanie how to play Magic, and then he goes to bed. Tomorrow is the Magic "World Wake" release event.

Notes Edit

  • The title of the vlog comes from a game that Stephen and his freinds were playing called Axis and Allies in which you can play as nazis.

Quotes Edit

  • Alex (to Stephen, who is playing as Germany and winning): "(You're)...spreading fascism across Europe and killing all the Jews everywhere you go"
Stephen: "I'm tryin' !"
Alex: "You really can't win when you play as Germany because you're... even if you win, you're conquering the world as Hitler."

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