Complete Facial (Day 378 - 12 7 10)05:17

Complete Facial (Day 378 - 12 7 10)

Complete Facial (Day 378 - 12/7/10)
Date: December 7th, 2010
Running Time: 5:16

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  • Stephen's Parents' House
  • Hibiscus Spa


With only a week before leaving to Wisconsin for Christmas Break with Mallory, Stephen decides to get a facial at the Hibiscus Spa where his mother does facials for a living. This is the perfect time for Stephen to explain a complete facial from start to finish, covering everything from preparations to the final touch to everyone's least favorite part about a facial! Also, he'll throw in a new pair of glasses, a laser pointer, and his cat as a bonus for witnessing a complete facial!


  • This is not the first time Stephen has shown facials on the vlog! He's shown facials on days 16, 35, and 238.
  • Stephen adds in the description a disclaimer about cats and laser pointers and how they will most likely cause stress as veterinarians agree. Stephen agrees, but think it's good exercise for Rocko.
  • Stephen mentions briefly at the end of the vlog that he's taking part of an eating competition where he and a partner must eat a 24-inch pizza in 30 minutes to win $100. This competition takes place on Day 383.

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