College Is A Cake (Day 554 - 6 1 11)08:09

College Is A Cake (Day 554 - 6 1 11)

College Is A Cake (Day 554 - 6/1/11)
Date: June 1st, 2011
Running Time: 8:09

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  • Stephen's Dorm - SCAD


Biscuits and packages are on the menu for today's vlog! There's a letter for Stephen (and Dan) courtesy of Mr. Bear, and-ooo.....Cake....:3 Wait, it's not real! O.o Um...Better keep the ants away from it...


  • The package that featured the cake is courtesy of Justin, who mentions in the comments that the cake is made out of rubber roof patch (cake itself & white frosting), actual nuts, and gumballs (cherries) all covered in fiberglass & paint.
  • Both the package & the letter from Mr. Dyslexic Heart Bear are the final two letters read at the dorm.
  • The end clip of the video shows Alex in bed trying to tell Stephen & Dan to leave his room and let him sleep...And shut the lights before leaving...


  • Dan(about a fake cake): "I am assuming he wants us to cut it into fourths."
  • Dan: "So I..ate it...whatever it was."

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