Cinnamon Roll Pancake (Day 328 - 10 18 10)05:16

Cinnamon Roll Pancake (Day 328 - 10 18 10)

Cinnamon Roll Pancake (Day 328 - 10/18/10)
Date: October 18th, 2010
Running Time: 5:16

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  • IHOP
  • Stephen's dorm


Stephen has breakfast with his parents at IHOP, where he gets some cinnamon roll pancakes. His parents also drop off some winter clothes, cookies, and Nintendo Power issues for him, possibly as an excuse to get a mini-vacation and visit their son. Stephen mentions that he has been getting Nintendo Power since he was seven years old and still subscribes to it, mostly out of tradition.


  • At the 5:02 mark, this image pops up for a single frame:

    The image found at 5:02 on Day 328

    • While Stephen has not given a true purpose for this, the image is likely intended to promote Dan's segment on his channel entitled "Just a Dan Minute".

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