Chocolate Milk (Day 1584 - 3 27 14)04:20

Chocolate Milk (Day 1584 - 3 27 14)

Chocolate Milk (Day 1584 - 3/27/14)
Date:April 18th 2014
Running Time: 4:20

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  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


The vlog starts with Stephen holding a glass of chocolate milk and he mentions how he has not had any in a very long time. He starts to drink it, thanks Mallory for picking it up while she was out, and is then elated even more to see that Mallory saved some of the cookies she had baked, at which point he takes and eats one. The vlog cuts to later in the day and Stephen talks about the Camelbak water bottle and how quickly he's already drunk most of the chocolate milk.


  • Stephen: "Man, oh man, do you know what that magical elixir is? That, is chocolate milk."
  • Stephen: "Magically I have shaved, magically I have stopped drinking chocolate milk and went back to the teat of the devil himself."
  • Stephen: "I think I'm going to have a glass of chocolate milk just because that's the way I grew up more or less. So I think I'm going to try and go back in time 10, 15....or 20 years."

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