Chocolate Covered Mushrooms (Day 17 - 12 11 09)

Chocolate Covered Mushrooms (Day 17 - 12 11 09)

Chocolate Covered Mushrooms (Day 17 - 12/11/09)
Date: December 11th, 2009
Running Time: 6:06

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  • Stephen's parent's car
  • Cracker Barrel
  • Sam's Club
  • Stephen's Home


Stephen Georg starts the vlog complaining about the temperature. He doesn't know how cold it actually is, but reading a possibly broken thermometer, he states the thermometer read between 20-25° (most likely Fahrenheit, as Stephen lives in South Carolina in the United States). He also points out he is wearing a jacket often associated with "hobos".

Stephen then goes on to talk about The Nutcracker project he has been working on lately. He claims that he got a good start on it (he was 10 minutes in, and had about 30 minutes left). He predicts that The Nutcracker project that he has been working on for Justin will be finally finished on Sunday.

He states that after he is finished with The Nutcracker project, he will be working on the "Ninten Speaks Christmas Album" as soon as possible. Stephen said he had wanted to release the album earlier in December, but things just didn't go as planned. He has the album finished, he states, but needs to make the trailer for it still.

Afterward, Stephen goes on to say that his dad and him will are going to drive Stephen's mom from work, run errands, and then continue to work on The Nutcracker project.

Later, Stephen shamelessly promotes DS Flashcards. He says he uses them for "Minecart Carnage on the go!" Afterwards, game-play on the DS is shown (presumably Stephen's game-play). Stephen's dad comments that he got as far as he had ever gotten on a Super Mario Bros. game, claiming he had scored 185,000 points. He believes he stopped playing near the end of world three.

The Georg family is later seen at a restaurant (Cracker Barrel). Stephen reminds his audience that he spilled a type of grease on his car the previous day. His father describes how he removed the potential stain:

"Well, I wet the seat with a wet rag—hot—and then a dabbed some Dawn on it and scrubbed it—Dawn Dish Detergent—and I scrubbed it real good. Then [I] went back to the wet rag again and cleaned it all off... Today I went out and checked it [the car] and you can't even tell it's [the grease] been there," Stephen's father describes.

After eating at a restaurant, Stephen explains to his viewers that his family is trying to find strawberries. The family of three couldn't find strawberries at Costco, so they are traveling to Sam's (the store) to find them. Stephen later states that they need strawberries so his mother can make chocolate covered strawberries for a "business party".

The trio is seen at Sam's. Stephen's mother complains that she could've signed up for chocolate covered mushrooms (hence the title of today's vlog), but she deiced to sign up for chocolate covered strawberries instead. The reason she complains is because Sam's Club (the store) has no strawberries in stock, meaning two stores they've visited have not had strawberries in stock. It is never later stated whether the family found strawberries or not in this vlog.

Stephen also explained how he tried out New Super Mario Bros. Wii. He stated he enjoyed the game, but he would've enjoyed the demo he played if a child wasn't telling him information Stephen's known for years about the game.

Later, at his home, Stephen continues to talk about New Super Mario Bros. Wii. He says that he wishes he could've played it more than the amount he played the demo. He also says that the fact New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a multiplayer game makes the game worth while. Stephen goes on to say that even though he doesn't have three other people to play with regularly, he would still use the multiplayer abilities of the game. He states that his father enjoys the video games, even though he isn't the best at them (causing the viewer to infer that Stephen could play New Super Mario Bros. Wii with his father).

Before the vlog's conclusion, Stephen says that he is editing Act II of The Nutcracker project. He states it is currently 8 p.m. and that he will probably be editing for 6 hours. To end off the vlog, Stephen sneezes.


  • The title of this vlog comes from Stephen's mother complaining that she could've signed up to bring chocolate covered mushrooms to an event, but she picked chocolate covered strawberries instead. (The store they went to did not have strawberries in stock, but it did have mushrooms in stock).