Cheating on Moe (Day 1620 - 5 2 14)05:42

Cheating on Moe (Day 1620 - 5 2 14)

Cheating on Moe (Day 1620 - 5/2/14)
Date: May 2nd, 2014
Running Time: 5:42

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  • Chipotle
  • Stephen's parents' house


Stephen, Mal, Debra, and Steve head to Chipotle for dinner. Stephen says that he has been cheating on a rival Mexican place, Moe's, for quite some time now. Moe's is rather inconsistent in their quality while Chipotle is always quite good. On the flipside, Moe's give you free chips and salsa. Steve says that he prefers Moe's for their "exclusive" soda machine with 50 flavours of soda. Debra likes Moe's burritos better, but prefers the bowls at Chipotle.


  • The debate between Chipotle and Moe's has also been discussed on a previous vlog.

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