Chaos Emeralds (Day 1516 - 1 18 14)15:34

Chaos Emeralds (Day 1516 - 1 18 14)

Chaos Emeralds (Day 1516 - 1/18/14)
Date: January 18th, 2014
Running Time: 15:34

Chugga-masae-mal-stephen day 1516

Chugga, Masae, Mal and Stephen playing Wii Party U.

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  • Stephen's car
  • Emile's house
  • Sparky's


Stephen and Mal go to visit Emile and Masae! On the way there, they drop by Sparky's, a tourist trap gas station in Lexington that has become a bit of an inside joke between themselves: every time they pass by, they never have time to check it out. At Emile's house, they show off some of his new game-related models and gift both him and Masae with some fantastic presents. Masae gets an LP with a Shine from Super Mario Sunshine painted onto it, and Emile gets a frame with all of the past LP logos designed by Stephen and Mal. Stephen gets yet another awkward hug from Emile. They play some video games, including a game of Pictionary that Stephen records separately.

Gifts Edit

Continuing the trend from when Emile visited Stephen back in July, but this time, Emile is a recipient!

  • For Masae - A vinyl record with a shine sprite engraved on it.
  • For Emile - Each of his logos and duration dates, framed, plus extra spaces to put new once

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