Changes (Day 296 - 9 16 10)07:31

Changes (Day 296 - 9 16 10)

Changes (Day 296 - 9/16/10)
Date: September 16th, 2010
Running Time: 7:31

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  • Stephen's Dorm


The Vlog starts with a shot of Dan stepping out of a box, immediately cutting to Stephen afterward. Stephen goes on about his "keyboard cat" class, while Dan plays various cat-related YouTube videos in the background. Later in the day, Stephen and his roommates watch Wipeout while commenting on the state of humor on TV shows in America. The Vlog wraps up with Stephen explaining the ongoing and possible changes the Vlog will undergo.


  • This marks the first time Stephen puts the date and Vlog day number in the Vlog.
  • Stephen does not use all of the changes he suggests in this video.


  • Stephen: "It's just so funny to see people get hit in the head with stuff."

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