Ceremonial Tupperware (Day 471 - 3 10 11)06:40

Ceremonial Tupperware (Day 471 - 3 10 11)

Ceremonial Tupperware (Day 471 - 3/10/11)
Date: March 10th, 2011
Running Time: 6:40

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  • Stephen's dorm


The vlog begins with Dan throwing ham at the ceiling. He then proceeds to eat Stephen's pepperoni despite his protests. Alex then decides to make some tea in "ceremonial Tupperware", then attempts to drink it while Dan tries to chant. Stephen also drinks some from another container.

Dan asks Stephen to read the words on the fridge today, which include "Mrs. Fax hit balz," and "pemncajoqgykd." Alex explains that "pemncajoqgykd" is another word for "toaster."


  • Stephen: "Put your spoon in my Tupperware and move it all around."

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