Celebrating 100 Years Of stephenvlog (Day 100 - 3 4 10)03:15

Celebrating 100 Years Of stephenvlog (Day 100 - 3 4 10)

Celebrating 100 Years Of stephenvlog (Day 100 - 3/4/10)
March 4th, 2010
Running Time: 3:14

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  • The dorm at SCAD


Stephen groggily explains his latest editing woes, talks about YouTube's new close captioning feature (and how it doesn't always work so well), mentions that a guy in one of his classes jumped out of a third story window because he was on drugs (but survived), Dan reminds everyone that the guys are going to a concert the next day, and Stephen points out that it's the one hundredth day of the vlog.

Notes Edit

  • The name for this vlog comes from the joke that Dan makes by saying "Celebrating 100 years of Stephenvlogs" even though it has only been 100 days.

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