Cavities Suck (Day 583 - 6 30 11)07:08

Cavities Suck (Day 583 - 6 30 11)

Cavities Suck (Day 583 - 6/30/11)
Date: June 30th, 2011
Running Time: 7:07

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  • Stephen's Car
  • TGI Fridays
  • Stephen's Parents' House


Ever wondered what Stephen sounded like after a tooth filling? you go. Also, updates on wedding plans and discussions about dental hygiene.


  • For the record, Stephen can talk clearly and normally if possible, however, since the numbness from the anesthesia went up to his right eye, and some of the anesthesia caused his mouth to go numb, some of the words were a bit difficult to pronounce.
  • The description of the video says, "Affer a thwip to thuh dennis, I tawk a biht abouht toof decay and yoo!", which is typed exactly in the way that Stephen tried to speak in the car.


  • Stephen: "Hello Stephenites. How are you. You may notisthat theres a little somethin' wrong...And I juss...came from the dennis."
  • Stephen: "But mah iPod waz dead. An' I waz like, 'Aw, piss.'"
  • Stephen: "Mah fiancee is laughin' at me."

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