Cater (Day 886 - 4 28 12)05:40

Cater (Day 886 - 4 28 12)

Cater (Day 886 - 4/28/12)
Date: April 28th, 2012
Running Time: 5:39

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  • Stephen's Apartment
  • Stephen's Car


Mallory makes some French Toast to eat before Stephen and Mallory go serve food and drinks at an event for the nurse at the school where Mallory teaches. Stephen says he just finished filming the Contribute to the Pokémon Let's Play! video, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim #60, and some Uncharted: Drake's Fortune videos. Stephen asks the audience if there are any foods that they can only eat hot; he no longer needs to, but he still prefers it that way.

When Stephen gets to the club, the guy who owns the alcohol Stephen was serving asks him if he has eaten anything and then tells him to go get some food. Stephen has a finger sandwich and brings home 8 sailboat cookies.


  • Stephen says in this video that he has a lot of editing to do so he might be up late, but as we find out in the next Vlog day he does not end up sleeping at through the night at all. This is hinted at by the notes at the end of this Vlog day which say "Shortly after this, Mal went to bed. Stephen... well, tune in tomorrow."

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