Cash Prize (Day 915 - 5 27 12)14:03

Cash Prize (Day 915 - 5 27 12)

Cash Prize (Day 915 - 5/27/12)
Date: May 27th, 2012
Running Time: 14:03

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  • Stephen's parents' house
  • Stephen's parents' car
  • Surfside Flea Market
  • Atlanta Bread Company
  • Nacho Hippo


Stephen, Mallory, Debra, and Steve go to the Surfside flea market where Stephen buys Monster Rancher and Lemmings & Oh No! More Lemmings. They eat at Atlanta Bread Company, look for plates, and then watch Men In Black III. Stephen says that he liked the movie and not just for nostalgia's sake. Then they all eat at Nacho Hippo, where Stephen and Mallory wanted to go to the day before. Stephen talks about how bikers come into Myrtle Beach for memorial day and he films some of them. At the end of the day everyone except Rocko plays Apples to Apples and Sorry!, and they eat the watermelon that Stephen and Mallory brought from Columbia.

Notes Edit

  • Stephen first talked about Men In Black 3 on Day 748.

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