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Carl Sagan Highway?! (Day 576 - 6 23 11)08:01

Carl Sagan Highway?! (Day 576 - 6 23 11)

Carl Sagan Highway?! (Day 576 - 6/23/11)
Date: June 23rd, 2011
Running Time: 8:01



  • Stephen's Car
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee


Stephen starts the day off on the road! He and Mal have just started the 8 hour long car ride to Chattanooga, Tennessee, where they will be staying the night before Mallory's first teaching interview the next day. Stephen and Mal stop after 2 hours so Stephen can get a coffee. He then says that he doesn't drink energy drinks because "they all taste like piss." He also states he would rather get a full night's rest instead of drinking energy drinks.

Eventually, they pass the state sign for Georgia, where Stephen mistakes "Carl Sander's Highway" for "Carl Sagan Highway". When they reach Atlanta they get stuck in some traffic: it takes them 8 minutes to go 1 mile. When they arrive in Chattanooga they go to an Office Depot to print Mallory's resume, stop by a mall, then head to Olive Garden for dinner. After that, they relax in the hotel's whirlpool and decide to call it a night.


  • Stephen: "Tunnel of Destiny, tunnel of death, tunnel of traffic, 'cause we're in Atlanta."

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