Carcassonne (Day 72 - 2 4 10)04:55

Carcassonne (Day 72 - 2 4 10)

Carcassonne (Day 72 - 2/4/10)
Date: February 4th, 2010
Running Time: 4:54

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People Edit

Locations Edit

  • The dorm at SCAD

Summary Edit

Stephen rushes to do some homework before a class only for the teacher to postpone the assignment, Alex tries to walk on water (bottles), Dan throws rotten citrus out the window, everybody plays Carcassonne so that Alex can write another paper, and then Stephen and Mallory make arrangements for her to visit for spring break.

Quotes Edit

  • The title of the vlog comes from the fact that they all play a game called Carcassome.
  • Stephen (singing): "Delta: It's a place where you buy airplane tickets and then you travel in the air to a place somewhere not where you were."

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