Buzz Aldrin Is Grabbin' Pills (Day 250 - 8 1 10)-006:30

Buzz Aldrin Is Grabbin' Pills (Day 250 - 8 1 10)-0

Buzz Aldrin Is Grabbin' Pills (Day 250 - 8/1/10)
Date: August 1, 2010
Length: 6:29

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Winston Drafting (Day 250 BONUS)


  • Stephen
  • Mallory (not seen)
  • Alex (mentioned and shown in a clip)
  • Dan (mentioned only)
  • Seth (mentioned and shown in a clip)
  • Taylor (mentioned only)


  • Stephen's Parents' house


The vlog begins with Stephen opening a letter from TheBoyWhoCriedPICKLE (Taylor) in Louisville, KY. Stephen mentions that Seth goes to school there. Inside the envelope, there are two drawings and two letters from Taylor (not Taylor) and Matt on parchment. In one of the drawings, Dan is wearing an I am DAN shirt and Stephen states that he wants one to give to Dan when they go to Florida next Friday.


  • The clip of Seth is from Day 238.
  • The reference and clip of the zombie fighting group is from Day 41.
  • The letter references Keyboard Cat.

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