Burgers The Size Of Your Head Pure Joy (Day 208 - 6 20 10)-103:28

Burgers The Size Of Your Head Pure Joy (Day 208 - 6 20 10)-1

Burgers The Size Of Your Head: Pure Joy (Day 208 - 6/20/10)
Date: June 20th, 2010
Length: 3:27

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  • Stephen's parent's house
  • Big E Seafood


It's Father's Day and they choose to celebrate this joyous occasion with "Burgers the size of your head". Afterwards, they finish the night by watching Rocko hit feet.


  • Stephen- "I wish there were more Asian children that had mustaches and wore cowboy hats, but there's not."
  • Stephen- "They got the ambulance here just in case... I wish I was joking."

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