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Broken Picturephone is an online version of the popular tabletop game Telestrations developed by Chaz. The platform has been used in multiple episodes of Stephen & Friends.

Gameplay Edit


A game in progress.

The game follows the same basic rules as the tabletop version, being open-ended in regards to gameplay with no set perimeters to determine a 'winner'. A game will usually open with a player receiving either a written prompt or a user generated drawing. Whichever they receive prompts the player to respond with the opposite action, i.e creating a drawing for a sentence or guessing a sentence based on a user generated drawing.

Broken Picturephone differs from Telestrations in that there is no set time limit, and suggested categories or prompts aren't included, users are instead encouraged to start with outlandish or surreal statements or scenarios.

As with most Stephen & Friends content, the Broken Picturephone series is uncensored, however, there is still a standing rule regarding graphic imagery such as genitals, which Alex decided to casually disregard in one episode.