Brave Ducks • 4.1207:38

Brave Ducks • 4.12.17

Brave Ducks • 4.12.17
Date: April 12th, 2017
Running Time: 7:37

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  • Stephen and Mallory's house
  • Stephen and Mallory's backyard


The agenda for the day is eat lunch and then record more Ocarina of Time, because they can't launch Pikmin 2 because they haven't gotten one of the props they need to do their live-action announcement video.

Afterwards, they get out of the house so that Mallory can water her plants, while Stephen films some ducks coming onto land from the pond. Mallory makes them a pile of birdseed and the brave ducks venture over, closer to the humans to eat the food. Unfortunately, they don't indulge in it until Stephen and Mallory go back into the house. Sagan and Kepler also join in the viewing party for a while.

Later at night, they have finished their Ocarina of Time recordings and actually recorded more than necessary, because they have a rule where they cannot end a recording in a temple, and at the end of the last episode they needed they entered the Fire Temple. It's not so bad, except for the fact they stayed up till 1am getting it done.

Before ending the vlog, Stephen reveals that the pressure in his ear from his ear infection has never fully gone away. He has had pressure for nearly 2 months, so he will probably need to see an ENT soon to get it fixed.


  • "Hello and welcome to Wednesday! Did you miss me?" - Stephen


  • Stephen got his ear infection around Day 2641, which is February 16th, 2017.

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