Boss Monster Is Fun (Day 2071 - 7 27 15)07:35

Boss Monster Is Fun (Day 2071 - 7 27 15)

Boss Monster Is Fun (Day 2071 - 7/27/15)
Date: July 27th, 2015
Running Time: 7:35

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  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


In contrast to the past few days, today is a relatively relaxing day for everyone. Stephen stays at home working while Mal, Karley, and Kyle head out to the beach. Towards the end of the day, everyone tries out Boss Monster, which turns out to be a pretty fun game.

In other news, Google announced that Google+ will no longer be required to access all the features on YouTube, including commenting. This is a pretty big deal for Stephen - when the integration of YouTube and Google+ happened a few years back, he and other content creators noticed a huge drop-off in the number of comments on each video that never really recovered. Hopefully now that the two websites will no longer be fully integrated, former commenters will start to become a bit more engaged with the community again.

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