Boris (Day 885 - 4 27 12)12:25

Boris (Day 885 - 4 27 12)

Boris (Day 885 - 4/27/12)
Date: April 27th, 2012
Running Time: 12:25

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  • Stephen's Apartment


Stephen eats some pizza and then shows that Mallory gets on Skype with her girlfriends about every month to talk. Stephen reads the letter from Boris first which mentions a card that was sent in the envelope that Stephen realizes is completely torn up and unrecognizable. Boris asks Stephen when Ninten Speaks is coming back. Boris asks Stephen how it feels that he's going to be married soon, even though Stephen and Mallory had their wedding on day 620.

Cynthia says that Stephen's videos are part of the reason that she is still here to write the letter. Cynthia also says that she is waiting for more Ninten Speaks. Cynthia says that she found the Vlog through Emile's Let's Play of Paper Mario 2: The Thousand-Year Door which led her to watch his LP of Mother 3 and then Fobbies Are Borange which led her to Ninten Speaks and then the real Stephen. Stephen mentions that, for a time, the only videos that came up when someone searched for "earthbound" were all created by him and were his /earthbound videos.

Josh sends Stephen his first Yugi-Oh! card and an apple crisp pizza recipe. He also sends a drawing of the Earthbound logo. Stephen says that he will change the format of when he opens letters if he receives more, which he inevitably will, which eventually develops into StephenMail, a series specifically for opening mail.


  • This is the last letter opening from fans by Stephen being in a Vlog day before StephenMail 1, in which different videos are dedicated to mail.
  • Stephen mentions in the video description that the color of the video is off because he worked on the color correction of the video late at night.
  • Stephen completes the pile of letters he has been working through for the past few days on this Vlog day.
  • Ninten Plays Minecraft was supposed to satiate people who wanted Ninten Speaks back, but it did not seem to be a complete success.
  • The tags of this day's video included "dang", "holy", and "pissballs."


  • Stephen (reading Josh's letter): "Remember, stressed backwards is desserts."
    • Mallory: "Did it just blow your mind?"
    • Stephen: "My mind is blown, man."

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