Birds With Boulders (Day 591 - 7 8 11)10:56

Birds With Boulders (Day 591 - 7 8 11)

Birds With Boulders (Day 591 - 7/8/11)
Date: July 8th, 2011
Running Time: 10:56

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  • Stephen's parents' house
  • Stephen's car
  • Cakes by the Sea
  • A shoe store
  • Snooky's
  • The beach


Stephen gets some strawberry-lime Jones soda from his neighbor, William. He and Mal like the soda, but they note that they dislike the blueberry lemonade.

On the way to take care of some wedding details, Stephen tells his story behind his experience buying Halo 2. The day that the game came out was the day of his high school trip to Washington, D.C. Stephen was in a car with Austin, and the picked up the game on release at midnight. Austin's car had a TV in the back, so he and his friends played the game for 8 hours all the way to Washington, D.C. Not only that, but they brought three separate consoles and several screens to play with.

Stephen and Mal stop by a cupcake shop and conclude that red velvet cupcakes are the product of choice for their wedding. Mal also picks up some sandals for herself and Karley. They grab some dinner at Snooky's and take a walk along the beach. Stephen explains that they have been looking for apartments in Columbia since Mal is very likely to get a job there.


  • The first portion of the vlog pertaining to soda was filmed the previous day.

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