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Big Fudge (Day 1300 - 6 16 13)14:08

Big Fudge (Day 1300 - 6 16 13)

Big Fudge (Day 1300 - 6/16/13)
Date: June 16th, 2013
Running Time: 14:08



  • Jacksonville, Florida
    • European Street
    • Dan's apartment
    • Dave & Buster's


Stephen, Mal, and Dan have lunch at European Street. Back at Dan's apartment, they play games using Google Experiments, which lets your mobile device interact directly with your computer or other devices. They play some more Saint's Row, then go to Dave & Buster's for dinner and games. In a horse racing game, Stephen names his horse Jitters in reference to his Pokémon LP. They also play some Skee Ball with errant score sensors. After all of their hard work, they were each able to get one Pixy Stick. They play Ascension one more time back at the apartment.

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