Batman's Cousin (Day 1684 - 7 5 14)11:59

Batman's Cousin (Day 1684 - 7 5 14)

Batman's Cousin (Day 1684 - 7/5/14)
Date: July 5th, 2014
Running Time: 11:59

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  • California Institute of Art
  • EAT
  • Anime Expo (Los Angeles Convention Centre)
  • Little Tokyo
  • Mr. Ramen
  • Alex's apartment
  • The Dresden
  • Hollywood Boulevard


Today is the day of the meetup! Stephen decides to lead the group in a one-word story, then invites them to end off the vlog as a group. Afterwards, Stephen, Mal, Alex, and Hayley stop by Little Tokyo and grab some ramen for lunch.

After taking a nap, the four get dressed up for dinner at a fancy restaurant, the Dresden. They take a drive down Hollywood Boulevard to observe various touristy things. Stephen forgets to end the vlog that night, so he shows off some gifts they received at the meetup, including a StephenVlog piñata.

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