Baseball Game (Day 510 - 4 18 11)03:17

Baseball Game (Day 510 - 4 18 11)

Baseball Game (Day 510 - 4/18/11)
Date: April 18th, 2011
Running Time: 3:17

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  • Sand Gnat Stadium
  • Stephen's dorm


Stephen and his roommates head to a baseball game to take advantage of "Dollar Monday", where everything is only $1. Stephen gets admission, 4 hot dogs, and a soda for only $6. He enjoys the event even though it's rare for him to go to sporting events. He asks the audience about what sports they enjoy watching live.

Also, Dan downloads Portal 2 on Steam!

Notes Edit

  • The Sand Gnats are currently relocating to Columbia, where Stephen and Mal lived for a year.

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