Baneslayer Day (Day 254 - 8 5 10)04:00

Baneslayer Day (Day 254 - 8 5 10)

Baneslayer Day (Day 254 - 8/5/10)
Date: August 5, 2010
Length: 3:59

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  • Stephen's Parents' house


The vlog begins with Stephen discussing that the battery in his Flip dies and that he had to put AA batteries in the flip just to film today. The reason he has not filmed over the last few days is because it has just been work, work, work and that he was sick the previous day. He even missed work because of his sickness. He states that he has both Friday and Saturday off, Saturday because of a class reunion type thing. Austin and him Winston drafted M11 today and Stephen says that out of his three packs, he had a Baneslayer Angel and a Sun Titan, both mythics. They also both bought an Eldrazi pack to pack wars with, and Stephen got a Linvala, another mythic. Then Mallory and Stephen Winston Draft M11 and Eldrazi. He says that if there is a Baneslayer in there, he would let us know. An hour later, he says there wasn't any.

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