Back To Mal's Endodontist • 4.407:44

Back To Mal's Endodontist • 4.4.17

Back To Mal's Endodontist • 4.4.17
Date: April 4th, 2017
Running Time: 7:43

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  • Stephen and Mallory's house
  • Stephen's car
  • Firehouse Subs


As seen on the previous vlog, Stephen and Mallory got a full night's rest and woke up at 7am. They haven't had breakfast in a while, but are glad to be able to do so again. Mal makes tamagoyaki with nori and cheese slices, while Stephen makes a lot of cinnamon toast. Both are looking forward to a super productive day.

A few hours later, they are on their way back to Mal's endodontist (Stephen finally learned how to say it!) because Mal's been experiencing unusual pain like an earache. She thinks it might be inflammation, but she can't take ibuprofen (an anti-inflammatory) since it's been giving her stomach ulcers. She also mentions that she was never prescribed any antibiotics.

At Firehouse Subs, Mal discusses her findings: the doctor isn't sure. It could be an infection, inflammation, her root could be in her sinus cavity, or she may strained her jaw muscle. What's more, if she's not better at the next appointment, she may need another root canal for the same tooth Mal still can't eat normally, and has to cut up her sandwich into small bites which she describes as "pathetic". On the other hand, Stephen is enjoying his chicken bacon ranch sandwich and gives it a solid 6 out of 7 stars.

Back home, Stephen's body regretted all the food he ate, so he was in the bathroom for a while. Anyway, they've made some salad for dinner. As they sit down to eat, Stephen discusses how it has been subconsciously stressful for Mal this week. It's her birthday week and people want to hang out with her, but she needs to work on her painting. It doesn't help that she has pain from her root canal that comes and goes and can be really awful.

In other news, they should be able to go to bed early again and keep up with the fixed sleep schedule.


  • Mallory first made tamagoyaki with nori and cheese slices on Day 2680.

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