Awkward Sidewalk Situation (Day 300 - 9 20 10)03:50

Awkward Sidewalk Situation (Day 300 - 9 20 10)

Awkward Sidewalk Situation (Day 300 - 9/20/10)
Date: September 20th, 2010
Running Time: 3:50

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"300 Days" Song (Day 300 BONUS)



  • Stephen's dorm


Stephen discusses what he calls an "awkward sidewalk situation". Stephen is very tall, so he tends to walk faster than a lot of people. When he's walking to class, he tends to get caught behind slower people. It also doesn't help that the sidewalk is narrow, so everybody walks in the center of the sidewalk.

Over the past few years, Stephen has simply walked slower to remedy this problem. He also comments that it would probably be easier for him to simply pass the person in front of him. He asks the audience for some tips on this issue.

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